Meet the Group Members

The Group includes representatives from the voluntary sector, equipment manufacturers and service providers in health, education and social care.

Stuart Whyte (Chair)

Stuart Whyte is an experienced Educational Audiologist and (re)habilitationist. As part of the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service he works in partnership with the NHS to provide cochlear implants, middle ear implants and bone conduction devices; he supports habilitation and rehabilitation. Stuart is a passionate teacher and leader who empowers children and young people to achieve their desired outcomes. He helps children, families and educational settings to ensure effective listening supports language and learning. To support inclusion, Stuart plans and delivers bespoke training on deafness, development and learning, including theory and practical use of hearing technology. Stuart is also an experienced Administrative Systems Manager and held responsibilities for whole-school pupil performance tracking, advising Headship teams and Governors in this area. Stuart lectures on the University’s MSc Audiology course and is actively involved with research in the field of assistive listening devices. Stuart has undertaken acoustic assessments and represented Local Authorities with the aim of providing better learning spaces. He is a regular contributor to professional publications and speaker at conferences. He is the immediate Past President of the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) and is the current Chair of the UK Children’s Radio Aid Working group which has representatives from the sectors of industry, health, education, professional associations and national charities. Stuart has worked as a Specialist Advisory Teacher within Sensory Support Teams. He was Teacher in Charge of a Resourced Provision for children with Sensory Impairment and part of the Leadership Team of a Special School. Stuart holds a BSL qualification at level 2.

Andy Taylor, PC Werth

Cate Statham

Cate is a Teacher of the Deaf and Educational Audiologist, she has worked with deaf children and their families from diagnosis until they leave school, at home and in a variety of educational settings. Finding ways to use technology effectively is an essential and exciting part of the role. She has been involved in joint projects between education and health services looking at the use of radio aids with babies and toddlers.

Hannah Cooper, UCL Ear Institute

Hannah is a paediatric audiologist at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading and a lecturer in Audiology at the UCL Ear Institute. She has been involved in joint projects between education and health services looking at the use of radio aids with babies and toddlers.

James Mander, Clinical Audiologist, Ewing Foundation

James is an experienced and dedicated Clinical Physiologist working with implantable devices, hearing instruments and wireless technology. He has an extensive network and knowledge from working with the NHS departments, the private sector and now the Ewing Foundation.

Jeremy Hine, Specialist Audiology Technician, Ewing Foundation

Jeremy has been a member of the FMWG since it was established in 2004, initially as a representative for the National Deaf Children’s Society. He is privileged to have worked for two manufacturers in the industry before returning to the charity sector with Ewing Foundation.

Joyce Sewell-Rutter, Education Consultant, Ewing Foundation

I qualified as a teacher of the deaf in the seventies. I have taught deaf children in a range of settings and across phases mostly in the south east of England. I completed an MSc in Educational Audiology in 2002 and then joined the Ewing Foundation working in London and the South East.

In 2009 I also became the Burwood Park Foundation Consultant supporting professionals working with deaf children who have additional learning needs. I recently established a BATOD special interest group in Deafness and Autism. I co-edited the NDCS Quality Standards for use of a personal FM system. I am passionate about all deaf children having the opportunity to listen in good acoustic conditions so they become confident and independent communicators.

Lisa Bull- Educational Audiologist / Teacher of the Deaf

Lisa has been a Teacher of the Deaf since 1997. She spent a number of years working at Mary Hare School for the Deaf where her subject specialism was Mathematics. In 2004 she qualified as an Educational Audiologist and continued working in the dual roles as ToD and Ed Aud. In 2013 Lisa joined the Berkshire Sensory Consortium Service where she currently works as Educational Audiologist and ToD. Lisa is also a Module Leader on the Mary Hare/University of Hertfordshire MSc Educational Audiology.

Liz Reed-Beadle, Educational Audiologist for Virtual School Sensory Support in Norfolk, representing BATOD

Fitting and maintaining radio aids is very much part of the “day job”, technology changes quickly and ongoing development of the VSSS Radio Aid policy is also part of the work. Liz has experience working in schools for the deaf, resource bases in mainstream schools, and cochlear implant programmes. Liz has been a member of FMUK since 2007.

Maria Militello

I have been working as an Audiology Technician for the Children’s Sensory Team in Harrow Local Authority since 2012. I work closely with the Advisory Teachers to supply assistive listening devices to the children and young people on our caseload who would benefit from this equipment. Some aspects of my job include; training the relevant people on the use and management of the equipment, visiting educational settings to troubleshoot, replace or upgrade equipment and keeping track of all the equipment that we have in the department. My role also involves keeping up to date on any new technologies relating to this equipment.

Richard Vaughan, Connevans Limited

Richard Vaughan is proud to have played a role in the foundation of the Group in 2004, as Technology Services Manager for the National Deaf Children's Society. He currently participates in the Group as a representative of Connevans Limited, manufacturers and suppliers of radio aids and other equipment for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Ricky Dummer, RG Sound Solutions

Sharon De Souza, Oticon Limited

Sharon was at the first ever meeting of the group in 2004 when she worked on the MCHAS programme at the University of Manchester. She has been working for Oticon Ltd since and represents this company on the group.

Stuart Milligan, National Deaf Children's Society